Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yes, Virginia

It is possible to rip back approximately 30 rows of lace in mohair.

Fun? No.

Possible? Yes, unfortunately. (was the cause of much creative swearing this morning)

The really really awesome thing about this shawl (Perfect Pie. I like pie. I'm not sure if I like this shawl. But I like pie. Especially chocolate pie. Mmm. Pie. You know what I could really go for right now? One of my mom's peach pies. I like peach pie. With cinnamon. And really good Georgia peaches. Peaches are good. And peach ice cream. Also the kind my mom used to make. Yum.) is that it goes very quickly when you start knitting on it. (see. I'm thinking positively!)

Also, I am doing it wrong. I just looked up the pattern's errata, and apparently when it says M1, you're supposed to knit it through the back loop. (it was printed knit through the front loop in the book)

So. I guess I'm just going to continue to do it wrong. I think that it looks pretty regardless of the fact that I'm not following the corrected instructions, and it doesn't seem to be affecting the fabric at all.

(it's not supposed to look like this)

You know what somebody should make? A mohair yarn that is bound with a dissolveable binding material so that it isn't fuzzy as hell when you're knitting with it, but after you block it, it gets all fuzztastic and stuff. That would be cool. There are dissolveable stitches right now used in medicine. So why not dissolveable yarn binders? I should write Clara Parkes. I bet she'd know who to talk to about this one. (Clara Parkes is also another really awesome knitterly type person from Maine)


  1. Sorry to hear about the frogging. On the bright side, you've got a new kitten, right?


  2. You just continue to knit, ripping mohair is no fun... I think it is turning out beautiful anyway, and it is only you and me that know it is not knitted correct - we are good at this, arn't we :-)

  3. You have much more patience than I. I just ripped out the beginnings of a capelet knit in boucle and nearly gave that up. I can guarantee there will be no more fuzzy, bumpy yarn buying for me!