Sunday, February 12, 2012

Radio Silence

2012 thus far has not been a banner year...

After being sick for most of January, I went to my doctor and discovered that I have some funky cells hanging out in certain areas of my body which indicate bad things (i.e. cancer), and will require minor surgery. It's not a big deal, should only involve a 20 minute procedure and local anesthesia, but still... scary. My doctor is not freaked out. I'm fairly not freaked out. We'll see when the secondary pathology reports come  back this week. By the way, I REALLY do not like the term "secondary pathology" as it is just effing scary. Anyway, the funky cells are very new, have not progressed, and are exceedingly manageable, so we're ok.

During the biopsy (which mind you, was done without anesthesia, yay), I tweaked out my right shoulder, which has caused me an IMMENSE amount of pain, and I haven't been able to knit (or type, really), or do anything except whine, pop advil and liberally ingest vast quantities of tequila... All with my left hand, as my right hand has gone numb off and on. And for those of you know me even remotely well, I am so ridiculously right handed, it isn't even FUNNY, and my left hand is fairly useless. Fortunately, I'm not too shabby with the getting-tequila-to-mouth thing with the left hand, so alls well that ends well, right?

Also, last night, my boss' wife passed away from cancer. It's a very sad situation, as she is survived by my boss and their two sons, who are 13 and 16. I'm currently helping my boss (and my office) deal with that...

Anyway. Sorry if I'm not around much. Maybe posting will happen at some point in the near future (I'm thinking March), but for right now, times is rather tough.

Hugs to everybody, I'm thinking about you, even if not commenting on your blogs, and I'm looking forward to being back in the regular swing of things at some point in the near future. Feel free to drop me an e-mail or a PM on Rav.