Friday, August 27, 2010

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Agrees...

My Perfect Pie Shawl sucks, due to unforeseen yarn issues.

I can admit this. I have come to grips with the fact that I am loathing the heck out of the thing right now. I don't like the yarn, I don't like the fuzziness, the color, the way it looks, the way it drapes, the way it feels. Even the cats do not like this yarn. Bagheera (big cat) won't touch it, even though she's all over my knitting normally. (I may have spoiled her with Malabrigo)

This is another case of GAAK (growth as a knitter). I will be abandoning this project. I am quitting it RIGHT NOW. Feh.

The yarn is going in the trash. It's AWFUL.

Positive side: I like the pattern. I will probably try to knit it again using yarn that doesn't suck massively.

On to another project. And some good news!

The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (as seen below) went to the vet today. We have confirmation of sex (male), a completely clean bill of health, vitamins and dewormer. And the vet waived his fee today because I rescued the little guy. Great vet.

Now all we need is a name. Georgia wants to name him Schwalkey. I said no.


Look at that little paw! So cute.


  1. Sorry about the perfect pie shawl. Sometimes the right yarn makes a big difference. I don't like fuzzy yarn either.
    LOL - I like Georgia's suggested name. I think I would break my tongue saying it out loud though. :o)
    I would call him, Little Gray Tiger!

  2. Our previous cat was named Gizmo, which is my vry favourite cat name. I also saw a kitten for sale that was named Goblin, and thought that was cute too :)

    The little guy is adorable!

    Oh, and I hear you about fuzzy yarn. You're doing the right thing!

  3. I totally understand, sometimes just cut your loses and move on. Although I think it looks great. The shawl reminds me of the blanket my mother knit for my son. She gave it to him and told him it was soft as a kitty. He looked at her seriously and asked "Grandma did you shave a cat?"
    Sorry I am no help with the name. But he is adorable.

  4. Ok here is my help with a name. I had to name a monster stuffie and used this website.

  5. i am into food names for cats. our cat is tortilla, we call her tilla for short (pronounced tia). our second runner up name was bean. look at the little pads on the bottom of his feet--they look like little black beans :)

  6. Aw, cute kitty! I've always wanted to have a cat named Heathcliff--after the broody hero of Wuthering Heights, not the rascally orange cat.

    And wow, yarn in the trash?! It really must be awful. Good for you in starting over with new yarn--I think knitting should be FUN!

  7. Boo to the yarn, but the kitty is adorable! My little sister desperately wants a kitten so that she can name it Paul. I'm not sure why. Name him....Malabrigo?

  8. I'm leaning toward Ike.

    Or Beezer (short for Beelzebub Bartholomew Balthazar)

    or Chumley (spelled E-Z-R-A, of course)

  9. Awwww, so cute! Can't help with a name. I usually take a few days to name mine, once I've gotten to know their personality a bit. It's been close to 4 yrs since I named anyone. My little dog came to me as "Peanut"... it didn't stick. lol

    Congrats on letting it go! I think there's a time to challenge ourselves and there's a time to give it up and call it a day. You'll find the perfect yarn for that project (and never have to touch that awful yarn again!). =)

  10. So sorry about your knitting, but sometimes it is for the best just to put it in the bin... If the cat don't like the yarn there must be a reason :-) Oh the little one is so cute!! You can name him Tiger :-) He looks like a little tigerbaby :-)