Friday, August 20, 2010

More Travel Shawl Photos

A shot of the full thing, folded in half, on my lovely, but rather small and squirmy model:

A rather poor shot of it in the window (I can't get this one closed without Bruce's help, and he's not home at the moment), but at least it gives an idea of how the pattern moves:

That's about as much as I have energy for. The Shawl really deserves better photos. I think it is probably the nicest thing I've made thus far.

I'll post a review of the Peace Fleece when I'm feeling better.

As to how I'll wear it? Probably folded in half so its more triangular (see first photo) over a sweater for warmth (with jeans or a skirt). This sucker is VERY warm. Supposedly some folks wear shawls like this over wool winter coats, which might look nice also. Might try that as well.

Wearing other shawls? Usually bunched up around my neck in a desperate attempt to keep out NYC winds.

On the needles? The Perfect Pie Shawl a couple posts down (the green one). Started it last night. I'm really not sure how I feel about mohair. I kind of feel like shaving the shawl already, and I haven't gotten close to finishing it.


  1. Oh, thanks for the photos! LOL- that's how I feel about mohair too. It's not my favorite to knit with, but now and then is O.K.
    I hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. The shawl really is beautiful with the sun pouring through it. Well done, Virginia!

  3. Very pretty shawl! I think I might have to look up that pattern (although I think I already have about 60 shawls in my ravelry queue...)!

    Hope your stomach is feeling better soon, it sucks to feel bad!


  4. Lovely! What a beautiful shawl - and I love the effect of the picture in front of your window - lovely!

  5. I am just in love with your shawl. Can't wait until I get my stash down enough to buy the yarn. You did a great job.

    Take it easy until you feel better!

  6. It is just so beautiful, I love the photos! Love the color, love the lace, I just love it all! Don't know what happened when I tried to comment on the post over here, but Blogger had a hickup and will not let me write anymore... So I make my comment here; This is an unknown yarn for me, and it is so nice to read reviews like yours. We(foreigners) do use this a lot when we look to new yarns, much better than use information from a shop I think.

  7. That is gorgeous! Well done!

  8. Stunning! The color is gorgeous too. You'll look lovely with this wrapped around you on those upcoming fall days!