Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Note: While it appears that I have sold my soul to Interweave Knits in this post, I have not been paid to, contacted by, or otherwise asked to advertise their publication on my blog. This is entirely (and somewhat embarrassingly) my own slavish fangirl doing.

Usually I read knitting magazines for patterns, inspiration and to see what's going on in the world of knitting design. I enjoy leafing through the patterns, enjoy having a stack of magazines around (for now. I can see where this will annoy me in the near future, hence I subscribed to Verena digitally) and enjoy the articles immensely. It's also a good place for me to learn about photographing knits (and people).

Most of the time, I like Interweave for their kinda hippie aesthetic. Their designs generally tend to be less fussy than other magazines, and they really seem to want to explore technique. However, there is usually only one pattern per issue that I really like, and not too many that I feel like I absolutely have to cast on for right now, this very instant.

That said, I've knitted three items from Interweave Knits - Whisper Cardigan, Terry's Pullover and the Koolhaas hat. There are a few other patterns here and there that I'll knit from them, eventually.

But the Fall 2010 issue is packed full of stuff that I'm hoping to get to, and soon. So yes, I'm selling out to Interweave today. And maybe for the next few months.

Some of the patterns that made me drool this issue:

(all photos courtesy of Interweave without their knowledge, but I figure they won't object since I'm giving them credit and free advertising. sigh)

Bavarian Tulip Mittens
Judy Alexander

Hoarfrost Mobius
Annie Modesitt
(knitted from stainless steel + wool!)

Leyfi Pullover

Rosemary (Romi) Hill

Chiral Cardigan
Coralie Meslin
(this is the one I'm completely and utterly obsessed with. Interweave zombie slave says: Must make it! NOW!)

Knitting News:

The Travel Shawl grew by a few more rows last night. I put in a lifeline at the end of the first round of chart A. I'll probably do this at the end of every round, because knowing myself, I will need it. I really like the pattern. Yesterday the shawl was smaller than my hand. Today it is about an inch bigger. Still looks pretty much the same though.

Did not work on the Lettuce at all, but then again, I cut into my knitting time with cleaning as I have houseguests arriving at some point today. Silly social niceties. I mean, geeze, why can't everybody else be totally comfortable with the level of filth and clutter that I am? Heh.

Edited to Add:

While I was writing this post, Georgia was getting dressed for the day. Here is her outfit:

I asked her why she chose it, and she said "the pink (on the leggings) matches the pink (on the stripes) and the black (lace pattern on the leggings) matches everything."


  1. Interweave is probably my favorite knitting mag. Love the pullover and cardigan too. Did you see the new Knitters? I was sooo disappointed with it...they had a lot of the kind of stuff that gives knitting a bad name.

    Love Georgia's outfit...how can you argue with that kind of reasoning and style?

  2. I subscribe to Interweave Knits...occasionally buy another magazine, like Knitscene or Vogue Knits, but the only one I like enough to subscribe is IK. There is always at least one pattern I want to do right away, and I find that more will grow on me once I see more finished projects on Ravelry.

    I love that Chiral Cardigan, too! Looks very wearable and stylish.

  3. I'm not feeling the Chiral cardigan, but if you did the Leyfi pullover in black, you would have an exciting crossover between Morticia Adams and east coast preppy.

  4. oh my goodness i love that cardigan! i dont subscribe to interweave, but i'm super temped to go out and buy this issue!

  5. She has an eye for it little Georgia - love her outfit! I subscribed for the magazine for a while, but never found anything to knit so I stopped. But that Leyfi pullover is gorgeous!

  6. 這不過是滑一跤,並不是死掉而爬不起來了。..................................................

  7. I just recently got my first trial issue of IK. It seems like a great knitting mag. I LOVE that stainless steel/wool mobius!

  8. adorable outfit!!