Saturday, August 7, 2010


For the past few days I've been having a bit of a mind warp about time. Firstly, time moves very differently when I'm knitting. It generally blows past really quickly when I'm absorbed in something, like the lace in the Travel Shawl (which I have picked up again, after a few days of neglect).

Secondly, I realized that cell phones and constant connectivity have really warped our notions of time and space. I was reading a book set in the 80s recently, and was shocked by how time-based everything was. Scheduled phone calls (I'll call you at 8. You'll be home, right?), specific times and places where people meet. Now, quite a bit of this seems to be done on the fly.

Though that could just be me and my complete lack of planning.

Knitting news:

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, all of my knitting looks the same, just bigger.

The Lettuce Pullover

The Travel Shawl
(is about to reach the amorphous blob stage. There are a few inches of knitting tucked under what you can see in this photo.)

Not knitting related at all:

This is the table that Bagheera planted herself on top of yesterday. Our buddy Marty over at Uncle Monsterface makes awesome sock puppets (some of whom have formed a rock band, and some of whom have a soap opera), takes pictures of them, and sells them at Union Square. These are our three favorites. From left to right, it is Bawston the Cat, Mr. Antonio Pasta-Meatballio and the Nutty Bunny. It amuses me greatly to have them out on our table as if they were beloved relatives.

We're about to spend what's left of the afternoon at the Botanical Gardens. Probably more flower pictures to follow tomorrow.


  1. knitting is always good when it's the same but bigger!

  2. You know, the sock puppets are actually more attractive than many of our real relatives.

  3. LOVE the thoughts about time. Only today I was thinking about meditation and trying to slow down a bit....enjoy what is right in front of me. TIME to breathe.
    We be on the same page, sistah!!

  4. I like planning, or more correct is I need planning... So I get more and more chaos as people never plan anything :-) And I totally LOVE your orange Lettuce!!