Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel Shawl: Finished!

I forewent water, food, conversation, and sanity last night and finished up the Travel Shawl.

Yarn: Peace Fleece DK, Father's Gray, approximately 900 yards (I have about 100 yards left)
Needle: 7 US - 4.5mm
Final Blocked Size: 42 inches square

Honestly, I could block the shawl more aggressively (it probably needs to be blocked more aggressively, but I don't have the means to do it right now) and have it grow another two to three inches. However, 42 inches square is pretty big. Pre-blocked it was about 32 inches across. I used a stretchy cast-off so that I could eventually block it all to hell if I wanted to.

The cat helped immeasurably with the blocking process. She likes the shawl. She thinks the yarn smells appropriately sheepy, I believe.

sorry about the weird photos, and the closeups. Don't really have enough room in the apartment to photograph it in its entirety, and the light is strange in here in the morning.

also, I'm half asleep and haven't had any coffee yet.


  1. It looks beautiful. I can't believe how quickly you completed that!

  2. I love your photos. This is just absolutely beautiful.

  3. i love the color. it looks great!!

  4. How does the Peace Fleece feel? I have always been curious about that yarn. I really like the color you used for this shawl. How do you wear shawls? Goodness, I am full of questions this morning!

  5. Oh this is so beautiful! Lovely lace, and beautiful color - you must be eager to wear this fine artwork.

  6. It's totally gorgeous, and looks like something out of Angela's Ashes!

  7. Ha, it looks like I'll never get a look at the whole shawl! I think it's lovely. I like it's rustic look. I think I should spin some natural fiber for a shawl like this. So, what's next on your needles?