Monday, August 16, 2010


The lovely blogger Caffeine Girl mentioned the acronym/concept GAAK (Growth As A Knitter) on her blog earlier this year. It was in relation to one of her projects, which I think was a Cookie A pattern for socks.

I can say with absolute certainty that I have definitely experienced GAAK on the Travel Shawl. This is the first lace project where the chart and the rows actually made sense to me. On every other lace project I've completed, I knitted on blind faith, with absolutely no clue where it was going other than a picture of somebody else's finished project.


With the Travel Shawl it has been almost as if I've been studying a foreign language for a full two years and am suddenly able to understand it. I am slightly amazed at how well I understand this one. I get why the stitches go where they do, and how they line up and what the finished product is going to look like. I didn't even have any problem when the lace pattern changed at the border.

I'm quite impressed with myself.

The Lettuce Cardigan is coming along nicely. It's still orange. Still looks completely shapeless - all bunched up on the needles. I will put the sleeve stitches on holders either today or tomorrow. Life is good.

And now for Georgia at Lincoln Center. I have titled the series White, Black and 1,000 Shades of Pink:

She thought that lying down on the bench while I took her photo was about the funniest thing EVER. (If you can't already tell from her photo)


  1. I know that moment you're talking about. I'm so glad that you've become fluent in Lace!

  2. You should be impressed with yourself! I don't think I am quite to that point yet in my understanding of lace, but I did finally memorize my first lace pattern on the Que Sera. I was pretty proud! I've been doing a lot of lace lately, though, so here's hoping I will have that breakthrough soon!

  3. Congratulations on some lace GAAK. I'm still really struggling with understanding lace.

    You have a great memory. I mentioned GAAK when I finished Glynis by Cookie A. I have to add that the acronym was coined by Rose Red.

  4. GAAK. I love it! I look forward to getting to that point with lace. Congrats on your breakthrough! I love the black/white/pink series! She's so cute.