Sunday, August 1, 2010

Botastic Botanical

Georgia and I went to the New York Botanical Gardens today. The light was amazing. Lotsa pictures:



Really cool honey bee

Queen Anne's Lace

Sunflower gone to seed

Something pretty (chrysanthemum maybe?)

No earthly clue what this is, but I really loved the ring of tiny flowers around the center (click to make bigger)

Another possible chrysanthemum
(anybody who knows what these are feel free to correct me)

Georgia wearing a sweater I knitted for her last year (Hannah Fettig's Yoked Cardigan)
that she's finally grown into (sorta).


  1. So many pretty flowers, and that Queen Anne's Lace is so cool! And pretty Georgia wearing her new cardigan - she is so natural, and you are so good at catching that in your shots. I can hear her giggle by looking at the photos :-)

  2. Love the shot of the bee--and how the Queen Anne's Lace looks like a cocoon of some sort. Beautiful shots!

  3. great flower photos, and georgia with the sweater is just to cute!

  4. 拒絕冒險和成長的人,終將被生命的潮流陶汰。..................................................

  5. Zinnia's!!!! Great shots, missy with the camera! Wisconsin is the cutest thing evah!!

  6. The 'chrysanthemums' are actually Dahlias. Mum used to grow heaps of them, and I now have a few. The grow from tubers, so they are perennials :)

    Lovely piccies, looks like a great day for the gardens.

  7. Beautiful flowers! And such a cute sweater. =)

  8. I believe the bottom three are zinnias - they have a fantastic range of forms and so many colors.