Monday, August 2, 2010


I have no idea why I didn't do this before:

Makes life so much easier, no?

Anyway, last night I discovered that I had miscounted the number of stitches I needed for my Lettuce Pullover by, oh, half, and that my sweater was going to be for a very very small (i.e. Georgia) person. Oops.

I ripped out about half of what I'd knitted so far.

While I was ripping Bruce and I watched the first episode of Mad Men. We'd never seen the show before. Based on the first episode, my take is that it is a gorgeously styled show, with some very good acting, but honestly, it left me cold. I'll watch another episode just to see. But I can already tell you that I don't think I'll be dying to see every single episode of this show ever.

Very few television shows have actually grabbed me like that. Gilmore Girls was one, until the fourth or fifth season where I just got totally irritated with the entire thing and quit. Still haven't watched the last episode. I defiantly don't care. I didn't watch Sex and the City until it came out on DVD, so I can't count that one. Although honestly, that was very much a place and time thing for me. Living in NYC, I have met these types of women, and they annoy the heck (to put it mildly) out of me, so I can't actually watch the show without wanting to spit nails now. Have not seen either movie for the same reason.

After ripping out the first ten rows of the Travel Shawl six times, I finally got the thing started, and am now up to row 20 or thereabouts. I'm excited about this one, and it's a challenging (but not too challenging) knit for me.

Here's the progress so far:

I've been hearing a lot of people talk about not understanding the instructions in the book, or being very confused by them, and I think a major part of the problem is that the shawl is square, but the pictures in the book do not show this AT ALL. The pictures all make the shawl seem triangular, which is just insane to me. What the hell? Why not show the full shawl? ARGH.

I confess, I had no clue that this was a square shawl (I think I would have preferred it to be a triangle, personally, so we'll see how I like the finished project) and when I read the directions and it said to "join in the round" I got EXTREMELY confused. Which may account for why I screwed up six times before looking it up on Ravelry and seeing someone's finished project (rav link). Her project doesn't even show that it is a full square, but I used my phenomenal powers of deduction to figure it out. (That was sarcasm, in case you don't have a rav account and can't see the picture I'm talking about)

So, today, back to knitting on the Lettuce, this time, hopefully, with the CORRECT stitch count (dur) and more on the travel shawl. I will be putting in lifelines into the shawl very shortly. Probably after I finish the first repeat of the first chart.


  1. Hmm, never watched Mad Men or Sex in the City~~neither one appears to be my thing. Sorry about the frogs in your sweater. They've been here recently too :)

  2. Your flowers are beautiful, and so will your Travel Shawl be also! I do not understand why to knit shawl square, maybe I have to knit one too so I can see for myself :-) Hmm Sex in the City - I have seen the episodes on television hundred of times, I have seen The Movie maybe fifty times on dvd, and I am going to see the second movie just as many times on dvd. You see the last one I have not seen yet :-(((
    When the cinema here in the countryside where I live show a movie, it is on the screen for a week... And if you not go to cinema that week, you will never see it, because they don't play it again... I don't wath so much for the girls, I just love the town, the streets, the bars, the life, the everything :-)

  3. Love the flower pics; they're gorgeous!

  4. I am so bummed out to hear that the travel shawl is not a triangle. The pictures are VERY misleading!

    I watched the first season of Mad Men. It is beautifully styled and well-written, but it left me cold, too. I found it very depressing.

  5. ok, yes, the collage of flower photos is great! why didn't you think of that sooner? :)

    as for mad men. i really like the show, but yes, it's cold and depressing, if you are into that kind of thing!