Monday, August 23, 2010


My knitting isn't really setting me on fire right now.

Here's the Perfect Pie Shawl:

It is fuzzy. And a little dull to knit. But I think it'll be pretty.

The Lettuce Cardigan is coming along, but it just isn't an interesting knit. Cute, cute sweater. Boring, boring knit.

. . .

This weekend, Bruce, Georgia and I (along with a few friends) went to Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn (a darned good pie, but I still prefer Totonnos in Coney Island. However Grimaldi's has some of the best customer service ever), got carryout and ate it in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Here is a picture of the bridge:

And there was poetry around the railing at the waterfront, so I got a picture of my favorite word from it:

And a shot of lower Manhattan from the park:


  1. yay, i love grimaldi's. i heard they are losing their lease...did you get any info when you were there? great photos.

  2. That pizza looks darn good! Much more like real Italian pizza then any you can get around here.

  3. Your pizza picnic looks wonderful! Love the views too!

  4. I LOVE Manhattan! And that pizza looks so good - very Italian in a way - and I LOVE Italy! Your shawl is knitting up very nice, is the color in the second shot like in RL? It is beautiful! My knitting is not setting me on fire either :-) A sweater that will be very nice when finished - but sooo boring to knit. Just plain knit, knit, knit... I do not allow myself to start anything else while knitting on this one, if I do that the sweater will soon become an ufo. Happily there is not so much left :-)

  5. That pizza looks delish! Sadly it's a little too far for me to do a carry out!

  6. That was a fine, fine pizza. I agree that Totonno's crust is better, but Grimaldi's is a mighty pretty pie.