Friday, August 6, 2010

Coffee, tea or...

PET ME, meow.

And in looking at that photo, you can see the accumulated flotsam and jetsam that happens on every single horizontal surface in our household. It comes from being... well... human. And you know, spending time hanging out with friends that we haven't seen in a year. And knitting. And writing. And doing lots of other things that require doing.

I am incredibly amused at the collection of things in the cabinet behind Bagheera. Immediately above her head is an alligator head (taxidermied), to the right of that is a glass sculpture from Ella, next is stuffed versions of syphillis and mad cow disease bacteria... We do have quite a lot of curios (not a misspelling. Look it up. Or go read a historical romance novel set in the Victorian era). (i.e. a random collection of stuff that two very eccentric people have gathered over the past 20 or so years)

Not much knitting news as I have been hanging out with said friends and working on the energy writing stuff. The Lettuce pullover has been the perfect project for this, as I can work on it and talk at the same time.

Travel Shawl is sadly, neglected. Though I am itching to get back to it, so that is good news.

And apparently I need to start planning for a Gru scarf for Bru. My sadly neglected husband (in terms of handknits, thankyouverymuch).


  1. syphillis and mad cow disease bacteria ???
    I have it easy in terms of cleaning right now. :o)

  2. We have a similar issue with curios. I would be sort of great to have a real curio cabinet from same said victorian gothic romance period to be displayed to nieces and nephew when they came to visit until such time you rang the bell for tea. I see your bacteria and raise you one turtle skeleton and six robots along with interesting story as to bringing in a cow skeleton into Germany,

  3. "sadly neglected.": Honey, acknowledging the problem is the first step toward a cure!

  4. Lovely shot!
    Hmm syphillis and mad cow disease bacteria - didn't know anyone collected such stuff... But now I know... :-) Love your tea-mug!