Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chaos Theory

One child creates enough chaos to... well... cause the big bang. Or something. Multiple children increases chaos to the power of... infinity.

That said, we were at the gardens yesterday with our friends Joe & Kim and their children Robert and Nina.

Here are some shots of the kids:

Some flower shots:

And a shot of the rose gardens. Ordinarily a place of peace and tranquility. Not yesterday afternoon though:

Got a fair bit more done on the Travel Shawl. Still really enjoying that knit. It is quite fun. Even if I don't like the finished product, I'm REALLY enjoying the process.

And that is all. Off to shop at Columbus Circle, and give Bruce a little writing time.


  1. All the kids should have slept well after that much fun. Your photos are great.

  2. Those are beautiful pics, VA. They seem almost calm, tranquil. No hint of the total rugrat apocalypse that took over the gardens.

  3. Beautiful shots - no sign of chaos :-)