Monday, October 26, 2009

Wind it up!

I wound approximately 3,000 yards of yarn yesterday. For anybody who thinks that knitting is a sedentary activity, they should try winding yarn without a swift.

I used one of our folding footstools as a makeshift swift for the 1,000 yard hank of worsted wool, as well as for the 500 yard hank of DK weight.

It involved pulling a few yards of yarn off the footstool, winding, going back to the footstool... etc. This project also involved running interference with the toddler and the cat.

I took some photos of this process, but unfortunately they're on my camera at home, and I forgot to load the pictures this morning (because I was too busy trying to remember where the hell I'd left my big box of stitch markers so that I could continue on with my mystery project.

So I'll post those tonight.

Knitting projects

I got a few more inches of the featherweight done last night while Bruce and I were watching "Dead Like Me." That is a truly brutal show. We watched the first episode from our netflix queue. (On a side note, I just had to look up queue for spelling, and I didn't realize that queue could also mean a braid of hair. Interesting)

To lighten things up after Dead Like Me, we watched the first two episodes of 30 Rock, which is a damn fine show. Very funny. Tina Fey is a genius. And, as a plus, the first episode had a very funny reference to knitting.

The mystery project - I'm probably 60% done with it. It's really lovely. I somehow managed to get completely off-count, but I managed to get back on before I began the final section (sneakily adding stitches here and there, and ending on the wrong side). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it looks good when I'm done, although honestly, once I got going, the project has only taken me a few days. I really got started on the 22nd, and I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

The Liesl Heartbreak

I frogged the entire sweater yesterday and rewound the yarn. I'll be starting over again soon, because I really want this sweater, damnit. But again, it didn't take me all that long to knit up in the first place, so it shouldn't be too bad to re-knit.

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