Friday, October 2, 2009

First Word Friday...

Thank you for the beautiful First Word Friday idea ( The story for the photo is in the comments.)

The first word for today is "Being"  All readers are invited to post their stories for the picture below on this blog in the comments section. I went first. If you visit the link above, you can register your own blog for this fun little meme.


  1. Being weightless is a lot easier without your shoes, she thought as she swung towards the ocean.

  2. Being the fearless child, she wonders... "Could I swing all the way around & back again?"

  3. Being young again, flying thru the air against an azure blue backdrop while my hair sways in the breeze on my swing, would give me pleasure beyond words..........or would it? Nah. I love my life. Give me that swing and sky and breeze today!!