Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ok, Fine...

The originally intended recipient of the mystery project saw it recently, and agreed that the colors were all wrong for her. So I will be sending this one to my mother for Christmas, as the colors are absolutely perfect for her, which means that I can talk about it!

(Mom doesn't read the blog)

Anyway, it's a Multnomah, by Kate Flagg. Shortly Stitches got me interested in the pattern when she made one (I'm totally following her around the web and stuff. She's cool!) so when I was at Rhinebeck and got suckered in by the beautiful Briar Rose stand, I bought some yarn specifically for this project.

Here's a picture of Kate's version:

(Photo courtesy of Ms. Flagg's Ravelry pattern page)

Anyway, it's a super easy knit, that is, if you can count and you're not a total idiot, like myself.

I love the feather and fan border, and the yarn I'm using is making the entire project super sqooshy, so it's going to be an awesome shawl.

I'll probably be done with it tomorrow evening, and I'll post blocking images.

And yes, J. I'll finally post a picture of me in my Damson so you can see how I wear it.

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