Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mes Mains are really gauche

or at least me brain...

I ripped all the way back to my lifeline yesterday. And then discovered that my lifeline hadn't picked up about four stitches, so I had to ladder them back up. I also had to teach myself how to ladder them back up while doing all of this. Yay. I ran a new lifeline. This time, while sitting in a nice, well lit, stationary conference room. Not on the subway. I think I've determined that maybe attempting to do delicate work such as threading a lifeline should NOT be done in a moving vehicle of any sort.

So I'm back at the beginning of the lace section. I hate it when you get all the way through a really tough row and discover, five stitches from the end, that you are exactly one off. Damnit.

A new project

Georgia has requested a navy blue sweater to match her school uniform. So now I'm off in search of a cute child's cardigan pattern and some soft yet machine washable wool.


  1. Again, I have no clue as to what any of the words of which you, type....mean. So I can't play with are going to be so proud of me. Yesterday, I was walking thru an art festival and came upon a booth of knitted goods. SCREECH!!!!!!!!!! I stopped. I looked. I saw some stuff that looks just like your stuff. I even told the girl that she MUST be cool cuz I know someone who does stuff just like this and she's vera cool. (wish I'd had my camera, I would have taken a pic for you, but alas...I was being professionally etiquette-wise and NOT taking pics of other people's art!!)
    You've picqued my interest in the world of knitting and just wanted you to know!! mwah!!

  2. Mwahahahahaha... I will suck you in to the evil craft.

    And your blog makes me wanna take purdy peectures, so where does that leave us? :)