Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Damson tu dis

Et moi, je suis
Mes mains sont gauches...

(a knitted item to the first person to correctly identify in the comments the thing I was punning on in my title. Bruce, you are excluded, simply due to proximity, and because you are my husband and probably receive 1/3 of all my knitted goods.)

I spent some lovely time on the subway and in Bowling Green yesterday knitting on the Damson, and I finally made it to the lace section. During the last 30 rows of the garter stitch section, I was flying without a net, and didn't use lifelines at all (or even put them in). When I counted row 72, I was dead on with the number of stitches I was supposed to have. WOO! YAY! I made it.

On to the lace section.

Despite my successes in rows 40-72, I did put in a lifeline at row 72, just in case the clumsy twit who can't count comes back and takes over my knitting for a while.

Here's a picture:

Featherweight Cardigan

Veronique is dead! Long live Veronique!

I will likely cast on for the featherweight tonight! YAY! I'm so excited to be knitting another Hannah Fettig pattern. This will make my third pattern of hers, and I've gotta say, so far I love her stuff. (I've done the Kindred Knits Yoked Cardigan (twice), and the Whisper Cardigan.)

The nice thing about her patterns is that so far I've found them extremely intuitive. I haven't had to stop and think "now why in the hell is she doing that?" while knitting from her work. Which is really really nice when I'm looking for something that is beautifully constructed and not challenging.

Plus her designs just flat out rock. I love the simplicity. If you were into high-fashion and couture in the 1990s, the minimalist look was very big during this time period. Fabrics were generally jersey, with some draping and interesting seaming, but for the most part, they were just gorgeously cut, embellishment-free pieces.


  1. Glad you're getting back into it. And congrats on the Damson. And no, I don't get your pun, although I have to give you props on triumphing over La Belle Damson Sans Merci.

  2. I think it says something like "You say damson, and me, I say my hands are left." Which I don't get AT ALL.