Thursday, October 22, 2009

Things I suck at (in knitting)

If I didn't qualify it, the list would be way too long for one blog post.

Ok. Things that I really really suck at:
1. Finishing. (including blocking and weaving in ends)

2. Counting.

I'm sure there are quite a few others. But those are the ones that bug me the most.

I really don't know what my problem is with the weaving in, but it's been nearly a year and I still can't do it worth a damn. I've researched on the internet, read, watched videos. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

And blocking. Oy. Don't even get me started. I think my main problem with blocking is patience. So I'm not quite sure how to change that particular aspect of my personality.

If anybody out there has any suggestions on books, or ways to improve those skills, I'd be much appreciative.

Featherweight Cardigan

This project is coming along nicely. I don't really have any more photos for you that could possibly be interesting to anyone, so I'll skip for today. I'm really enjoying the raglan shaping on the shoulders. The increases look awesome and are very pretty.

Mystery Project

It's a little frustrating because the REALLY interesting project that I'm doing right now, I can't really talk about in too much detail due to the recipient being a blog-reader.

But I will say that unlike the Featherweight, where I'm just sailing through with no problems what-so-ever, the mystery project is not quite going as well. I cast on and ripped out about 50 times because I couldn't figure out where the stitch markers went. Then I cast on, placed the markers correctly and ripped out because despite the fact that I was getting gauge with a size 2 needle, the fabric that I produced was crappy. It was just way to small of a gauge for that yarn. So I ripped everything back out and cast back on with a size 4, which makes me about an inch over gauge, so I had to do some fancy math to compensate.

On the plus side, I'm getting a lot better at the knitting maths.

Museum of Art and Design

Tonight (after a dental appointment, ugh) I'm going to be going to my first docent tour at the Museum of Art and Design. You have to go to somebody else's docent tour first, and then you have to go through a multi-person interview, and THEN you have to give a presentation, and THEN you have to take a test or something (those are all the steps I know about right now) before you become a docent there. Oh wait, I forgot about the motorcycle jumping through rings of fire and the acquisition of the golden fleece...

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  1. You suck at blocking? I -- and the Damson -- beg to differ!