Friday, October 9, 2009

In other knitting news...

Somebody brilliant (and totally evil) came up with the idea of an NYC Yarn Crawl this weekend, which is an awesome idea. Plus, a 10% discount at most stores on the crawl. I'm going to have to go back to my favorites: Seaport Yarns, Annie & Co. and Knitty City.

I'm also going to my first meeting of the Big Apple Knitting Guild. I decided that in lieu of a regular knitting group, which I'm not sure I have all that much patience for, I should try out the knitting guild to get more involved in the fibre community.

Additionally, I'm thinking of applying to become a docent at the NYC Museum of Art and Design. Despite the fact that I absolutely abhor the architecture of the building it is in. Here's a pic of the ugliness:

I feel like that would be a very interesting way to get involved in the fibre arts community. I'm just not sure about the time committment. So we'll see.
The Damson
Well, I screwed up on another row yesterday, and had to rip most of the way back to the lifeline and reknit. So this is taking a while. Maybe it's just going to be a bit before I hit my groove on the lace section.

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