Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Now, with 100% more pictures!

So the thing that really sucks is that I get home after dark every day now (December 21st can't come too soon) and I can't actually take any pictures except on weekends when I'm usually running around doing other stuff. Also, our camera sucks. I need to get a new fancy pants camera and learn how to use it. I figure that will be the next phase of my digital knitting life (sometime next year).

Anyhoo, here is Bruce's (Terry's Pullover) sweater as it stands right now:

I swear, this thing is shrinking as I knit it. The body is supposed to measure 16.5 inches. I measured last night, and I got 15 inches. So I wasall excited, thinking I only had 1.5 inches to go. Which is easily done in two subway rides. I measured tonight when I got home, and I had 16 inches. Wha? Then I knitted 4 rounds, which per my row gauge is .5 inches, and re-measured, and got 16 inches again. ARGH. THIS SWEATER WILL NEVER BE DONE!

It's also hurting my hands a little bit. I think because it's so heavy. I might say screw it and just start on the sleeves for my subway project tomorrow, because of the weight issue.

Speaking of hand pain, here's the Koolass (thank you, Janey. I've had to rename this one now):

It's an extremely enjoyable knit, however I'm so paranoid about my cables getting all bloopy, that I'm cranking down on my gauge and yanking the yarn tight. The cables, as you might (or might not) be able to see, are not bloopy. This is a good thing.

The incredibly slow progress, and the likelihood that this hat will be too small for Georgia is not good. But it is fun practice. And I'm sure she has a doll somewhere that this hat will fit.

On a final note, my daughter has been obsessed with being a "poppin hairstyle girl" - whatever that means. In order to achieve the perfect look, she places a dishtowel on her head, her winter hat over it, and puts on her sunglasses. To wit:

Hat: Children's Place
Dishtowel: Crate & Barrel
Sunglasses: Winnie the Pooh
Poppin Hairstyle: All Georgia


  1. A labor of love, a knotty hat, and a poppin' hairstyle girl. Life is good.