Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We're in Northern Virginia visiting my dear friend Jorie for Christmas. I am sorry to say that Jorie is not receiving any knitted items this year, although hopefully I can rectify that later on.

I visited Fibre Space today, a local yarn store (LYS) that I've heard quite a bit about. It was awesome. Jorie picked out some yarn that I will make her something from in the very near future. She doesn't know this yet... shh...

It's Malabrigo Sock in the Primavera colorway. When I actually dig out a camera, I'll take some pix and post it.

Anyway, I'm knitting like crazy. I finally came to grips with the fact that the Herbivore and I just don't get a long. At all. In any way. I cast on for it again last night and I just do not like the pattern. I love the design. But apparently am incapable of knitting it. So I downloaded the Simple Things shawl last night and will be making that for my friend Christine. It's pretty quick thus far.

Also, I finished off the main body of the Featherweight Cardigan for Ella yesterday on the bus to DC, so all that's left are the sleeves and the collar. The sleeves should go pretty quickly. I picked up the needles to do that at Fibre Space (my real reason for going there. Heh).

I'm about halfway up the second sleeve for Bruce's sweater and will probably be attaching sometime this weekend. YAY!

And I have two other small projects that I've brought with me on our little vacation, so I'll have plenty to knit. :)

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