Monday, December 14, 2009

Random Picture Day

I'm blocking some older projects, which I think I've already blogged about (and blocking them now because I'm super lame, and these silly things have been done for four months.

BUT ANYWAY, here are some random photos from the last few weeks:

This one is a sunset through the windows of the storage unit we've rented. You can just barely see the Manhattan skyline in there. (Second row from the bottom, third pane from the right)

Another shot of the Columbus Circle stars at night. The blue lights are on the trees outside. The light shows are pretty amazing. We were all mesmerized for hours.

A few Battery Park City lunchtime shots. Here is a rose that apparently hasn't been informed that it is December, as it just bloomed and has quite a few more buds ready to pop any minute.

Near the World Financial Center, Korean Airlines had tied tiny pieces of blue paper to every tree in the area. It looked really pretty. But very hard to photograph. There wasn't much contrast.

And an impossibly clear day. I'm somewhat amazed that my phone was able to capture just how blue the sky was that day. (And that's New Jersey in the background, in case anybody was wondering.)

It's funny how we miss some things in NYC. The other evening, Georgia got incredibly excited because she saw a star. A star. As in, one (1). Just one star. That's it. That's 100% more stars than we usually see in the Bronx.

It is going to blow her little mind when we go somewhere and she sees TONS of stars.


  1. When you live where I do, out in the in rural country livin'...the stars can be seen from one horizon to the other. As long as I've lived here, I still find myself gasping at times when the stars do their thing. You and George would DIE if you saw what I see when I lie on a blanket in the yard at night. Why, some nights I even see YOUR star!!

  2. Love that picture of the storage window. Just beautiful.

  3. I love the star picture. The colors are just so bright!