Friday, December 4, 2009

So many blessings!

Wow. I had a ridiculous response to my giveaway yesterday, (yes yes, to ignore my blather and enter the giveaway, the post is immediately below) due in no small part to Ysolda herownself who tweeted about it. I think I am in danger of becoming a slavish fangirl. (ok, yeah, not creepy, at all, right?)

Anyway, THANK YOU Ysolda. You rock. But we already knew that.

It's been super cool to see hits on my blog coming from all over the world. ESTONIA, represent! It's the total map geek in me that loves looking at all the weird town names, and occasionally using google earth to peer down into the various little towns and imagine what it would be like to hang out there and knit. Is there a good yarn store there? Decent beer? (or wine. I'm not picky. really)

Though honestly, I am fully aware of the fact that to most of the people coming to my blog, the Bronx is about as exotic as it gets.

1. Nobody comes here unless it's for Yankees games.
2. It's got a wee bit of a bad reputation. Oops.
3. It's the most misunderstood borough.
4. It has the biggest collection of art deco buildings outside of South Beach in Miami in the world.
5. It is the home of the Bronx Blue Bedroom Project, one of the coolest things ever (and just happens to be run by a fiber artist.
6. Also the NY Botanical Gardens (my own personal backyard)
(oh, and there's the zoo. And Woodlawn. And Wave Hill. And City Island. And Orchard Beach. And Poe Cottage. And Arthur Avenue. And...)

Here's my favorite sculpture at Woodlawn. It's done by Piccarilli for his nephew (I think) who died in WWI (again, I think). Piccarilli is known for such things as the Maine monument in Columbus Circle and oh, a little something called the Lincoln Memorial in DC:

Picture Courtesy of my Awesome Husband

So, on to actual knitting talk

The Koolass (koolhaas) is almost done. I have one more regular round and then the decreases start. This pattern. Is. Awesome! Thank you Jared Flood (J, you should check out his blog. He's a great photographer).

Bruce's sweater (Terry's Pullover from some recent issue of Interweave) is coming along. I discovered that a lot of my problems with switching between k and p stitches come from stitch markers that are too big. Go figure. And here I thought i was going insane.

Ella's sweater (Featherweight Cardigan) is still on hold for the time being. I'll finish it eventually. I swear.

Currently the Noro for the tea cozies is calling for me. Viiiiiiiiirrrrrrrgiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Knit meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


  1. OMG!!! I go away for a few days and look what happens here at the knitting factory while I'm gone!! You Go Girl....and your sweet responses to your giveaway! Fun, eh? Give 'em gifts and they will come....and tks for heads up on photo blog. Love lookin' at them.
    Can't wait to see the KoolAss hat when you're done!! mwah.

  2. I've never really had much of an urge to visit NYC, even though we drive by every time we head to Boston, but the way you talk about the Bronx definitely makes me want to visit some day!

  3. And the Hall of Fame of Great Americans!

  4. As a Bronx girl myself I love the list! I'm gonna be on Arthur Avenue the day before Christmas Eve for my food shopping. Hollah!