Monday, December 20, 2010


This arrived in the mail today. I know what is in it (addi clicks). And I can't have it until Christmas. ARGH.

Another package came today (one that was a complete surprise) from my friend Julia in Maryland. I haven't had a ton of contact with her for the past few years (which totally sucks, because Julia is awesome), but she's been reading my blog and sent me two skeins of really amazing yarn. It is from a friend of hers who raises alpacas, and lemme tell you, these photos do not do the yarn justice at all. This stuff is softer than any alpaca yarn I've ever touched, and it is just gorgeous. It has the sheen of silk. Details, Julia, I need details! Also, I gotta say, I REALLY like it when people send me random yarn in the mail. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Also arriving recently is the following:

Two skeins of Cascade Eco + to make a cute little sweater for me:

A few skeins of Rowan Lima in Guatemala (dark purple) and Cuzco (lighter purple):

This photo really shows off the knitted construction of the yarn. I can't wait to knit with this stuff, because it truly looks fabulous. I've never worked with a knitted (rather than plied) yarn before. Supposedly it is extremely lofty, yet quite warm (there's some alpaca in there).

And, adding to the insanity, I started on the baby stuff. I'm making a Snug (rav link, also a free pattern) for my friend Josephine's baby, using Paton's Shetland Highlands Variegated. It's pretty, soft and machine washable.

I love the way the ball looks.

And I have another baby project that I'll need to get done by the 26th, AND the yarn hasn't arrived yet. Hmm. This could be interesting.


  1. Ok Virginia, no one is allowed to open parcels before x-mas :-) I found one for me in a closet today, I can assure you - I am better off when I don't know where they are hidden :-)
    Love the colors of the yarn you have received from your friend, you know me and purple... :-)

  2. Ooh, love that first alpaca colorway. And yay for unexpected yarn! =)

  3. love the random yarn from your friend. and hands off the xmas package even if there are addis inside :)

  4. Glad you like the yarn! You better make something for yourself with it :-)

  5. At first I didn't see how you could resist opening the Jimmy Beans package, but then I understood that you were distracted by the lovely yarns. Good tactic!

  6. Surprise yarn is the best kind of yarn!:)

  7. OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I just got THE most beautiful, and cool as sh*t, I may add!, scarf from a most beautiful friend!!! Oh V.....I absolutely love it. Been taking pics of it since I opened it. Colors are perfecto for everything I wear. Gonna go find the perfect shirt right now to put on so I can wear it right now. (80 degrees outside...oh well, we often forego comfort for cuteness!) I wish I knew how to post a pic from here on your blog so all your knittin'knockers, um, I mean buddies! could see it! It's definitely going on mine after I finish this big ass dinner I'm having tonight!!
    You make me feel so special!!

  8. You didn't tell the rest of the story, which is that I arrived home to find you and Beezer perched over the package, which was liberally pierced with little claw marks that the cat had randomly chosen to inflict.

    (Did I detect a hint of catnip on the package?)

    You know, it's a little hard to keep a secret in this house!

  9. I'm way jealous of your yarn gift. You and I are in the same boat in so far as a package though. I have a big Joanns box sitting here waiting for Christmas morning. It's a ball winder and swift which I've wanted for a couple of years now but the last few days of waiting is killing me!