Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finished Object: Bruce's Honey Cowl

Bruce liked Katie's (a honey cowl) cowl so much that he asked for something similar. So I got the yarn and knitted one up for him this weekend. It technically is a Christmas present, however, as he saw me knitting on it, he knows it is coming. Also, he tried it on today, although he was shirtless so no pix of him modeling. Sorry ladies. I will eventually get a photo of him wearing this thing. Anyway, Bruce says this looks like chain mail (which it kind of does) and it will help keep the back of his head nice and warm during the winter (he shaves his head).
Pattern: honey cowl (my project page)
Yarn: Malabrigo silky merino in Smoke, two skeins
Needles: US 8 - 5mm


This afternoon we're going to the 100th Anniversary of the reading of The Night Before Christmas at the Church of the Intercession at 155th and Broadway. It's a pretty special evening, with the reading, Christmas carol singing and a candlelight procession to Clement Moore's grave. It's really really lovely.

And I have a few last minute projects of total insanity that I need to complete, including a baby blanket and a baby sweater. I'll be doing another Hap Blanket for the baby blanket, and I have no idea what kind of pattern I'll be using for the sweater. Will have to take a look at some point today.


  1. LOVE my honey cowl, chain mail styling and all!

  2. It is beutiful, love the grey variations! (Is that yarn what you over there calls varigated?)
    Sounds so special with the reading, hope you will have a wonderful pre x-mas evening. Btw do you know that one of the x-mas trees in NYC is from Norway? I saw from a consert somewhere in your town earlyer this month, and they told that the tree was a gift from my country :-)

  3. Great cowl. Perfect color for a guy!

    And what a great guy. Farm Boy would not be caught dead reading my blog!

  4. Project looks gorgeous in that colorway! Nice choice :)