Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I took a commission from a friend of a friend the other day, and, I gotta say, I'm pretty excited about it, particularly since I've been given carte blanche on patterns and yarns.

I'll be making a Shroom hat, since she really liked mine. I'll also be making her the Mille Colori Big Cowl:

(photo courtesy of 88stitches on Rav)

And some sort of mittens. I haven't decided what I'm doing with that yet. I decided to use Berroco Campus as the yarn, as it's soft, bulky and comes in lovely earth tones, which is what she requested. I'll post some pix as soon as it comes in, as I had to order it from Webs.

I also need to make a hat/scarf/gloves set for the friend that referred this commission to me. She wants things in shades of purple, and quite possibly cashmere. So that should be a blast.

I also kinda broke my yarn diet, and got myself a little treat last night. I have planned on making Ysolda's Snapdragon Tam and Fliptops for a while for myself (in the same colors - madelinetosh gilded - as the picture.)

 Photo Courtsey of Ysolda.

So I purchased a couple of skeins of Mal Silky Merino to make myself a scarf/cowl to match/contrast. It's the Loro Barranquero colorway:

That's the gilded in the middle and the loro barranqueno on either side. We'll see how it looks. If I make a sixth honey cowl, I might be able to share it with Bruce. (can you hear the insanity starting to set in?)

And I kinda had to spoil the surprise for Bruce about his mittens, since I needed him to try them on. I forget how big men's hands can be. So he tried them on last night, and I realized I'm going to have to rip back and put in a wider thumb gusset. Not such a problem, as the mittens are made from bulky wool and knit up super fast.

(on a side note, the new blogger is driving me INSANE. It is changing all of my links in the post from wherever I linked them, to I just went in and relinked for the third fricken time this morning. If you have this problem, I apologize. It is also reformatting myposts like crazy. I may be switching to livejournal or something soon. Oy)


  1. I just wanted to say that the cowl is so beautiful - lovely, lovely yarn! Then I realized it is not yours :-) but I'll bet yours will be awesome too.
    Beautiful hat, and lovely yarn, looks like interesting colors. Can't wait to see it finished.
    So that was the surprice, mittens...
    Well it is better to spoil the surprice than to frog two mittens :-) Lucky Bruce, both mittens and a honey cowl!
    Hope you have the heat back in the apartment, even with -1C it is cold when the radiators are out. That is my biggest nightmare for winter in my country :-) Ok, we have a fireplace so we will survive, but I can't imagine -25C and a small fireplace... Come to think of it, we can boil water in the fire place so a cup of tea is no problem...

  2. I like that cowl, you made me put it on my never ending to-knit list! The yarn looks awesome, looking forward to your finished knits.

  3. She is going to love the cowl and hat, the colors are goregous. The best compliment ever when someone likes your crafting work enough to pay for it.

  4. I will, of course, be developing amnesia surrounding all of my mitten fitments.

  5. What lovely combinations of patterns and yarns.

  6. Yay for Malabrigo! That's going to be GORGEOUS, love the pattern, can't wait to see them :) Congrats on your knitting commission, too.