Monday, December 13, 2010


I started my Snapdragon Tam on Saturday, and am probably 75% done. It is a fabulous little knit, and I'm immensely enjoying the pattern. It's interesting, well written, and has a few surprises in it, which is nice. Keeps me on my toes.

The Snapdragon Tam. 
This color is balm for my soul:

I knit about 20 rounds on it last night while watching Transformers, which  I was hoping for lots of explosions and, well, explosions. It is one of the worst movies ever. EVAR. And it is two hours long. So if you want a good summary of pretty much all Michael Bay films, click here for a short (and incredibly funny) video. All this was for our now annual grilled cheese and crap movie night. And boy did we ever pick a stinker. (Ok, so when I say "we" I really mean "I" and I am deeply deeply sorry for inflicting this on my poor husband and friend.)

Beezer was sleeping aggressively with his head and one paw partially underneath a pillow and the rest of his body partially on top. How is this comfortable?

 And finally, Georgia's disguised turkey for a school project. She says she disguised him as a Valentine. I say Las Vegas Showgirl.


  1. LOVE that yarn color - so pretty! and that kitty..... just too much cutez.

  2. Tell Georgia she is an artist - love the turkey!!
    And tell Beezer he looks funny when sleeping :-)
    Great color in your Snapdragon! Can't understand why I never knit in red or yellow yarn, it is so d.. beautiful.

  3. Btw I saw in the local newspaper today that our day is nearly 14 hours shorter than in end June, no wonder the sun not reach over the hills :-)

  4. cats are cool
    transformers I agree was really bad

    and love love love your snapdragon only wish it was cold so I could knit a hat

  5. "Knap gedaan" is Dutch for well done.
    "Knapp" in Norwegian means button. :-))))

  6. Love the tranny turkey -- God bless our daughter!