Saturday, December 4, 2010

Georgia, the photographer.

Georgia is making her debut as a photographer. Here's her first photo of me wearing Nancy's Cowl:

 Compositionally interesting, and it does show off the cowl. However people generally like to see other people's heads in the photo.

The kiddo has speedy learning curve.

And this one is pretty gosh darned great.

So there you go; Georgia's debut as a photographer. I'm off to Brooklyn now to teach some peeps how to knit!


  1. Not only sweet, but talented too :-) Enjoy your evening!

  2. Good job, Georgia! The cowl is beautiful. I saw your Ravelry pics...I love that gray!

  3. go georgia!! great shots for a newbie. hope the class went well today. thanks for the info, but i was freezing cold at the Giants game :)

  4. I love that second shot. Really captures your humor -- and the cowl!