Sunday, December 26, 2010

Blizzards, et al.

While this wasn't our chilliest Christmas on record - that honor belongs to the VERY cold one we spent in Richmond, VA in an old house with no insulation and windows/doors that didn't properly close, and no heat. However, this year we had no heat or hot water for more than 24 hours. On Christmas. Yay.

Oh, and did I mention the small matter of a BLIZZARD? Yeah. So in the middle of the whole no heat thing, we got hit with a blizzard.

Thankfully, as of about 5p.m. today, we got our services back.

Doubly thankfully, I've been knitting on the Hap Blanket for my sister in law's baby (no, I didn't get it done by Saturday, but no biggie, as the blizzard kind of ruined our plans for actually going to see her), so I've had a lap full of nice warm knitting.

Also, Beezer discovered this particular joy, so much of the past two days have looked like this:

He and our other cat, Bagheera, have been trading off on either sleeping under my knitting on my lap, or snuggling up against my legs trying to steal all of my body heat.

I got some truly WONDERFUL Christmas presents from Bruce, including a whole library of Alice Starmore books. Quite excited about those. Such great reference manuals. So full of mullets. (The photos were shot in the UK during the 1980s.)

I'll post a little more about all of this when I get the chance to photograph my haul. I hope everyone else had very merry Christmases!


  1. stay warm. this snow is crazy, right?

  2. No hot water, no heat, blizzard...

    Kind of a Dr. Zhivago Christmas!

  3. Sounds like a pioneer Christmas! I hope you were able to stay warm. I've never lost power for that long and can't imagine what it's like. Good for you for surviving!

  4. Even with knitting and kitties in your lap, it sounds unpleasant.

  5. Cannot even imagine....OMG. Cold and no heat or water? Oh My.....this southern gal cannot EVEN imagine that. Guess lots of cuddlin' goin' on north of the Mason Dixon line....heh, population numbers will explode next fall!! Heh.
    Wearing my new scarf today to a ball game..will definitely get someone to take pics. I can't seem to do that mirror thing that you do. You can't imagine all the compliments I've should have cards made up to include with your know me....always doing some marketing!!