Monday, December 6, 2010

Finished Object: Honey cowl the Third

Holey moley, I've grown tired of honey cowls. Oy. And I have two more to go; one for me, one for Bruce. I will be taking a break from them for a while. On the plus side, the stitch pattern looks TOTALLY different in the yarn I used for the one below, than it does in Mal silky merino.

Here's (project link) the one for Libby (my husband's aunt):

 Beezer is ready for his closeup.

Yarn: Karabella Merino Silk DK in (you guessed it) Red, 2 skeins (approx 300 yards)
Needle: US 8 (5mm)

And, boringly, I am working on two secret projects. However, neither of the recipients is on Rav, so you can find them by looking at my only two in progress projects I have in my account.

I'm working up the pattern for one of the secret projects, and in other exciting news, I reverse engineered a sweater on Saturday evening, and will be writing up the pattern for that as well. It's a cute one.

Teaching knitting on Saturday was a blast. We ended up at my friend Katie's apartment with a fairly large party of folks. Everyone picked up on it super fast, which I was duly impressed by. Some were getting frustrated with beginner mistakes, and I wasall, "Dude, you have only been knitting for four hours. Relax."

We'll meet again, and go over purling (gasp!) and how to hold/tension the yarn in the hand.

Additionally, a male friend of mine who joined us on Saturday asked for basic technique lessons, and Katie's roommate (also a guy) wants to learn next time we do this. I am just doing my part to help

 [insert evil laughter here]


  1. LOVE the red cowl! Awesome job spreading the disease...ummm, I mean knitting bug!

  2. Cute, cute cat - love the photo - he is getting so good at posing :-) And the cowl is so beautiful, you rock girl. Three of these is really well done, I can understand why you need a break. So happy your knit evening was succesfull. You are so right, knitters do take over the world :-)

  3. It was a fun night, even for the non-knitters in the crowd!

  4. you're killing me with all these honey cowls! I love each version! I would have already quit after the first one lol

  5. How fun! Sounds like you did a great job with your new knitters! I am going to be teaching two people to knit after the Christmas holiday. They saw me knitting at my daughter's choir practices all fall and finally asked if we could do a class. :)

    And all of the honey cowls look great! The red is very festive.

  6. Love that cowl! Teaching newbies is so fun. I was able to teach a new knitter a few things and encouraged her to try her own patterns. She's now selling on etsy! It's fun watching what she comes up with.

    Off to check out the secret projects... =)

  7. I love those honey cowls! I'm a big fan of the color on this one.