Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finished Object: But I can't tell you about it yet.

My FO will be a secret for a while. Maybe a month. Maybe less.

So, in the interest of actually having something to blog about, I started the Snapdragon Tam for myself yesterday. The pattern is so lovely. I've gotten through about 20 rounds thus far and I absolutely adore it.

Unfortunately, I can't exactly take a photo of it, due to crappy weather. Supposedly it is daytime right now, but honestly, looking out the windows, it's kind of hard to tell. Also due to aforementioned weather, Georgia and I had to cancel her plans for a kid's concert in Brooklyn (she's not feeling too well, and somehow taking her out in this weather seems...dumb), which means no Brooklyn General Store for me (sad face).

We are, however, going to have a fancy grilled cheese party up here with one of our good friends. This will involve breaking out the butter, electric griddle, about 10 pounds of cheese, some wine, and a terrible movie that we will proceed to heckle, Mystery Science Theater style.

Currently, Georgia and I are listening to Feist and Sigur Ros (both totally weather appropriate) and doing Christmas crafts. And decidedly not taking photos (sorry).


  1. Ok, this is not nice of you Virginia - photo in a month hmph :-)))
    Wish you both a lovely Sunday, and hope Georgia is feeling better soon!

  2. That sounds lovely. As you heckle and eat lovely toasted cheese you can think of me braving the rain... the mall... silly people who want snow... the crowds to see the new Chronicle movie...

  3. the grilled cheese party sounds amazing!! yum.

  4. thanks so much for your sweet offer. i actually have to work today. and, the pouring rain may have kept me away too...

    enjoy it!!

    ps-like your new profile pic. been meaning to tell you!

  5. Good cheese sandwiches didn't quite make up for Transformers, which was a crime against movies...and humanity.