Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Ray of Sunshine on a Cold and Snowy Day

Ok, it is "snowy" as compared to many of my fellow bloggers' locales. We had a half inch last night, and it's supposed to continue to flurry today. Yes, I know this is pansy snow. The light is that gorgeous, almost crystalline, white that you get when it snows. I love this light. The light in NYC is pretty darned amazing all year round, but this is one of my favorites. Everything outside is in tones of gray and white this morning. So pretty.

I finished the Snapdragon Tam (my project page link) last night. Of course, I had a moment of sheer panic when it came to blocking, as tams are supposed to be blocked around dinner plates, and our plates are square. Heh. That could have been an interesting hat shape. I mentioned this to Bruce, and he reminded me that our good china is round. So yes, thank you, I am using our good china that Bruce inherited from his parents to block a hat. All's fair in knitting and war.

Pattern: Snapdragon Tam (Rav pattern link) by Ysolda
Yarn: madelinetosh DK in gilded
Needle: US 6 - 4mm
Yardage: Exactly 185 yards

On a side (but actually related note) Bruce was saying that he wanted to get a salad spinner and my first reaction was, "ooh, I could totally use that for getting excess water out of my wet blocked knitting."


  1. The Snap Dragon Tam looks lovely! That and the mittens have been on my list to make since I downloaded her book last year but I just haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe after my Christmas knitting spree I'll make one for myself.

  2. Beautiful. It looks like sunshine to me. I never thought about using a salad spinner in crafting. That is pretty creative.

  3. I just love that cable pattern. It's so pretty, and perfect in that color!

  4. I LOVE the hat! Ysolda's patterns are just so great, I think I own more than my fair share of them myself.

    Oh, and apparently you and I have almost exactly the same taste in knitting: I log onto Ravelry every day and check my friend activity, and I always end up favouriting all the stuff that you've favourited :)

    Hugs / Jenny

  5. I LOVE IT! Wow, the hat is so beautiful, well done Virginia! Think maybe I have to queue this one myself :-)
    Ok you are a real knitter girl, blocking hats with your best China - and the see the potential in a salad spinner :-)
    The winter light is very beautiful where i live, and I suppose it is the same in NYC when it snows. It is almost as I like winter after I got my camera and see the beautiful light.

  6. The hat came out so beautifully. I love that color.

    Why not call it a sweater spinner?