Thursday, February 11, 2010

The problem with snow days... that I knit feverishly all day long and then I get completely burnt out.

Exhibit A:

I knit like a madwoman on Bruce's sweater yesterday and finished all the knitting. Last night I finished weaving in all the ends and I sewed the collar down. It looks good. I went to sew up the seams on the sleeves, got about halfway done with one of them, realize I had done a crappy job, and had a mini meltdown, ripped out all the seam, and threw the project aside.

So, yes, the good news is that the beast has been conquered. I'm inordinately pleased. It desperately needs to be blocked, and I'm wondering if maybe blocking before I try to sew up the sleeve seams might not be a good idea. Because, you know, it would make the edges of the sleeves sit flat, and right now they're curling like little beasties.

Of course, I have no pictures.

However I will say that I really enjoyed the short-row shaping on the collar. I learned something new! (how to do short rows on ribbing)

Also, my sister-in-law got back from a trip to Vancouver, BC and brought me some really lovely yarn. I'll be showing that off in a post tomorrow.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand, the Damson II is going beautifully well. I'm somewhat amazed at how much my knitting skills have improved since October 2009. In October this thing was giving me absolute FITS. This time around I'm breezing through it with nary a screwup.

Also no pictures. Still looks pretty much like it did yesterday. I'm up to row 40.


  1. Good to hear that you are finished with the sweater - yeah I bet it feels good too.-) Picks! Picks! :-)

  2. Is it wrong to be glad I'm not the only one who goes thru the knit-like-crazy-only-to-undo-it thing?

  3. you've been busy with this sweater thing you talented person you, its making me feel bad for whining over a silly couple pairs of socks. You know because I've never made anything larger then a hat.

  4. But it could have been a really really big hat!

    Yes, I've been working on this sweater since November 9th. And I might actually finish it THIS YEAR. Heh.

    Just two stupid arm seams to go. Really. That's it.

    And no, Kael, you're not the only one who knits like crazy and then rips it all out. :)