Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In completely non-knitting related news

The Hudson River (and parts of New York Harbor) froze:

And in other news, Bruce and Georgia traded hats on the subway:


  1. Shades of global warming!

    In my childhood, the North river (aka the Hudson) regularly froze--and created a real hazard as people attempted to walk across (it was almost never solid enough)to NJ.

    traditionally (and since river men are now such a small part of NYC culture, many don't know), IN the city it's the NORTH river.

    Starting at Yonkers, it becomes the Hudson River.
    the park and sewerage treatment plant at 135th street is the NORTH RIVER water treatment plant, reflecting this convention.
    and when it was built (some 25 or so years ago) it had ice breakers installed just north of it, to prevent ice damage.

    ICE used to be a regular feature of the river--almost every winter.
    350 Years ago, the dutch used to ice skate on the North river--the ice got solid enough.

    the EAST and Harlem rivers are not rivers at all, but tidal straits, and have a much higher percentage of sea water, and have stronger currents
    In the EAST river, tides can run at 20 knots (by HellGate/just under triboro/PFK bridge.) these rivers never froze (and made NY harbor a good winter (ice free) harbor.

  2. Wow! Did you have to go to work today? WED?
    Send more Pics, plz!!!!

    and thanks to the poster above for the cool info!

  3. Is it rare for the Hudson river to freeze?
    How cute are those two??? :o)))