Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pop, pop, fizz, fizz

Started the Cherry Fizz the other night. We had a rocky start together, but once I got going, it is a truly addictive pattern. I am definitely experiencing growth as a knitter on this one, as it had instructions and a technique that I had never seen before. That hasn't happened for a while (probably a year? Maybe more? My second knitaversary (knitiversary?) is next month)

I'm almost done with the first chart, and am about to dive into the second. This pattern is amazingly beautifully written/charted. While knitting it, I have wondered about the kind of mind that can create this type of pattern. The designer, Kate Gilbert, just doesn't think like most other human beings. And that is awesome.

Although I am completely wild about the pattern, and will likely knit it again, I am not wild about the colors of the yarn. I bought the yarn (Alchemy Migration, 70% wool, 30% silk) because it was truly beautiful in the hank, and feels like a dream.

It's pretty in a cake, too!

In my defense, I purchased this yarn a year and a half ago, when I was a very new knitter, and did not know the ways of many colored yarns. And it truly does feel wonderful. It's quite soft and has an almost mohair-ish halo to it. You can also feel the silkiness in the yarn. Knits beautifully. Feels wonderful in the hands. Is a PAIN to tink or rip back.

So my only real beef with the yarn is the color. Which is a little pinky-purply for my tastes. Georgia however, has had her eye on this yarn as soon as I brought it home. Additionally, when she saw the Cherry Fizz pattern, she went crazy for it, so my child may be the only five-year-old sporting a hand knit, silk and wool, lace scarf. Snort. At least she appreciates hand knits.

As I've been knitting on the scarf, Georgia has been asking me, approximately every five minutes: "Who are you knitting that for? It's really pretty. Really really pretty. And soft."


  1. Oh its beautiful (in the cake and knit up!

    its interesting how we all like different things from hand painted yarns. sometime the yarn gives up what we want (and expect) other times...

    I hope you come to love the effect--I do!

  2. Love the pattern and I love the colors too (I must be a 5-yr old inside too!!!)

  3. I had to look up this pattern. It's truly a wonderful scarf! I think the colors in your yarn are beautiful, and if the color changes would be longer it would be amazing.

  4. It is beautiful, love the pattern! Looks like Georgia is getting a new scarf :-)

  5. I'm not usually a pink or purple lover, but I am liking this, plus, it will be wrapped around your neck, so the stripy effect might be diminished....hoping?

  6. I disagree with you about the color. I think the pink/purple is gorgeous. Although, in its current form, the scarf looks like a thong.

  7. Maybe Georgia will find something soft and pretty in her stocking?

  8. I like the way that the color is knitting up. It's a nice variation on just plain pink!

  9. Put me squarely in the "I like the colors!" camp. My first thought when I saw the photo was "Ohhhh, pretty colors!"