Monday, November 29, 2010

Finished Object: Cherry Fizz

Finished up the Cherry Fizz yesterday. It is pink and purple (as I have discussed ad nauseum before), so Georgia pounced on it as soon as I cast off. "It's just my size! And it's not itchy!"

However, now that I know the pattern and how it all goes together, I could easily make a wider and longer version for myself. Which I will, once I get through my massive list of things that need to be knitted for other people (that I actually have the yarn for).

I also have two full skeins of the Alchemy Migration left, so I will likely be making Georgia a hat and mittens with those because, as I noted above, it doesn't itch.

Pattern: Cherry Fizz (link to my project) by Kate Gilbert (from twistcollective)
Yarn: Alchemy Migration in Rosy Finch, two skeins
Needle: US 8 (5mm)

We also went to the NY Botanical Gardens yesterday to see the train show. I got some pretty shots of winter grasses:

In other exciting knitting news:
  • Ella and Katie have asked me to teach them how to knit, so we're having a knitting lesson on Saturday evening. If any of my NY readers want to join us, please let me know and I'll send you an e-mail with time and location.
  • I'm going to see Debbie Stoller of Stitch n' Bitch speak tonight in Brooklyn! Really stoked about this, as it was her first book that got me into knitting (and I have purchased and given away a few of these since then).


  1. Beautiful scarf, and just perfect for a little girl! I was mad about pink when I was a child (well, I still like pink), I think it's just something most girls go through :)

    And how envious am I that you're going to listen to Debbie Stoller?! I got her book "Stitch 'n bitch Nation for my birthday this year, and loved it! I'm expecting a full report on the blog afterwards!

  2. Your Georgia is a lucky little girl, bet she will look a million in that Cherry Fizz together with hat and mittens! Beautiful shots of the wintergrass, love the last one - it's like in a fairytal. Oh I wish I lived just around the corner. Ok, I can knit - but I am a really good at talking too :-)Have a great evening in Brooklyn tonight!

  3. Stitch n' THAT sounds like my kinda knittin'!!! Like Bitchin'Kitchen on the cookin channel. Love those bitches!!
    gonna email you the knitter I met on plane and what she finished while on flight!! amazing!

  4. Love your Cherry Fizz...I'm sure Georgia looks stunning in it :)

  5. Ooooo, and it's awesome!

    We're getting plenty of snow here today to wear things like that in.

  6. Cherry Fizz is beautiful! I love the botanical gardens photos as well!