Monday, November 22, 2010

Chickens and Cowls

We've had a busy few days.

On Friday, Georgia and I went out to the park to ride her new bike. While we were there, a couple of hawks perched in a tree above us and were feasting (I won't go into details, it was gory). Anyway, the hawks drew quite a crowd and lots of folks were standing around looking up at them. Unfortunately, only had my cell phone camera, and the pictures are pretty blurry.

Saturday, we all went out to Long Island to visit with some of Bruce's family. We went to the harbor, visited a LYS, fed some animals at a petting zoo/working farm, looked at some koi for sale (not a chance of us purchasing them. Our koi pond would be the shower, and honestly, I like bathing sans fish.), ate tons of food, and just generally had a lovely time catching up with some great folks.

Really fluffy chicken! (thought of you, Alwen, while taking photos of chickens)

Non-fluffy chickens!

View across the harbor at Northport.

I started on Katie's cowl (in Malabrigo Silky Merino, Smoke colorway) on Saturday night. She had originally asked for a slightly different pattern, but that one was a total clusterheck in this yarn, so I swapped patterns, and am now about seven inches in:

It's a really weird stitch pattern, as it's like one of those magic eye posters. It completely changes depending on the direction and the light that you look at it in.

Beezer thinks the colorway of the yarn should be changed from "Smoke" to "Beezer."
Also, this cowl is his. He has claimed it. Sorry, Katie.

So hopefully Katie likes this. I hope she will. It was causing a great deal of envy everywhere I was knitting on it. Bruce's aunt kept petting it, and finally I offered to make her one, which she pounced on immediately.


  1. I love smokey gray yarn! The cowl stitch pattern looks interesting. Love the Beezer photo!

  2. In person, the cowl looks like chain mail.

  3. It's so much fun to take pictures of chickens. They have so much personality, but it can be hard to capture!