Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day Off...

Georgia had the day off from school yesterday (Veteran's Day/Remembrance Day) so I took the day off and trekked around the city with her.

We went to Brooklyn General Store for the first time. What an awesome store. They have a beautifully curated selection of yarns that no other store in the city has, including Morehouse Merino and Peace Fleece.

Looking towards the back of the store.

The logo on the store's shopping bag. Cute, no?

Whoever picks their colorways has excellent taste and I was madly in love with most of them. Their staff was friendly and helpful, which is always a major plus. So yes. I like Brooklyn General A LOT! I will definitely be going back. Even if it takes me an hour to get there.

Looking towards the front. Where's Georgia?

I picked up some yarn for a mystery project that I can't blog about because the recipient readsMalabrigo Silky Merino to make cowls for my friend Katie and her sister in Smoke and Cape Cod Gray:


Cape Cod Gray

Beezer was confused as to why I'd be taking pictures of boring old yarn when I could be photographing him and he did a kamikaze slide into the frame right as I snapped a picture:

After Brooklyn General, we headed to Soho to have lunch with Katie (and let her fondle the yarn a little) and thence to Rat Park (also known as Sarah D Roosevelt Park, but it's full of rats...) so Georgia could play on the playground. Yes, I know, it's nasty. But to the Parks Department's credit, they keep that park spotless in an effort to minimize the rattage. And they mostly come out in the park at night. Plus it's New York City and rats are a part of our daily lives here. Apparently some construction in the Financial District disturbed rat colonies that have been around for 400 years.

I love that I managed to catch her in this photo completely off the ground.

And we walked up to Astor Place to see Bruce at his office (which was really fun. Plus his coworkers are nice). Georgia and I decided to wait and have dinner with him in the area, so we hung out in Union Square. Got a really lovely shot of Grace Church's steeple (10th & Broadway) on our way north:

All in all, an awesome day. I got a bunch more knitting done on the Cherry Fizz (total blast to knit. LOVE that pattern) hung out with the kid in some cool parts of the city and had dinner out with the family! Total win.


  1. Cool :-) sounds like a great day

  2. Looks like you and Georgia had a fun day!

    Why on earth would you want to photograph 'just' yarn??? lol

  3. That sounds like a wonderful day Virginia! Love the shots of Georgia, both in the park and under the sweater :-) I belive she is the kind of girl that think spending energi sitting still is vasted energi :-) She is so sweet!
    Hmm rat park. Well if they are disturbed they sure need a new place to stay, but can't they find a new tunnel :-) And Beezer is so cool - think I need a cat... Leon is always walking away when I use my camera, he is so tired of posing - and he has no sense for good yarn.

  4. What a great day - love the yarn and Breezer's photo - so so cute and he has grown so much!
    The Photo of Georgia is great - the action shot. and Rats well germs are good and best get lots when we are young to immunise the system! I am fascinated by a 400 year old rat colony - so they are not native but brought over from england?

    Happy knitting with that wonderful yarn

  5. Great picture of the Beez! And that shot of GA is fantastic!

  6. sounds like an awesome day. that picture of georgia is like she's floating. so AWESOME!!

  7. love love love to read your words when you're in such a happy place! i guess because i've been reading your words for so long i've come to know your exact places of magic and not-so-magic. This post was magic!!

  8. I think I'd like to spend my next day off with you. Rat park or no rat park!

  9. I covet Georgia's ensemble, especially the orange tutu-over-jeans. Awesome!