Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

We've got a whole lot to be thankful for in our household. And I'm incredibly thankful for all the awesome people I've met through my blog. Thank you for reading, commenting and your wonderful support!

(and thanks from my whole family! Minus the cats, of course.)
From left: Me, Bruce, Georgia and Ella.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! You have a lovely family!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! That's a cute picture of all of you. What's the weather like in NYC today? It's 59 degrees and windy in the OC. :)

  3. and Happy Turkey Day to you and you and you and to Wisconsin!!! I'm so thankful for your friendship and your constant ability to make me laugh!!

  4. That's a great picture. I'm so incredibly lucky!