Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn Saturday

I did a fair bit of knitting on the Teeny Tiny Tea Leaves for my friend's granddaughter, and am about to start on the sleeves:

We took a walk up to the Botanical Gardens today, and it was truly amazing. There's something so lovely about autumn gardens, and the NYBG does a truly amazing job with the shades and textures.

Of course, they can't take credit for all the fall color:

One last honeybee holdout. Poor guy must have been freezing today, it was 40 degrees (4 C).


  1. The baby cardigan looks amazing in this color,this yarn. Lovely photos of beautiful nature.

  2. There's something strange about the head and wings of that insect - I wonder if it's a bee fly or some other type of bee mimic? Bug Guide has a lot of them, and they are very convincing.

    Because as you say, 40 is generally too cold for them. (My dad keeps bees.)

    Oops, didn't mean to get distracted - what a cute little dress, and beautiful textures in the garden. I love botanical gardens.

  3. That purple and orange pic is downright trippy. Nice pics from a fun day!

  4. That sweater is coming out SO cute! Beautiful pics of the garden. That's one thing I always like to visit when I go somewhere for work - a good park or garden. =)

  5. The cardigan is beautiful -- as are the pictures. You have more color than we do. It's very Novemberish here.

    And welcome back to knitting. I hope it is painfree!

  6. Ha. That's funny...since I am behind in my blog reading I didn't have to wait at all to see the Tea Leaves get bigger. :) It's looking lovely!

  7. The Tea Leavees are adorable, so beautiful colors! Your other photos are great too, lovely colors of fall. Wish I could have fall until spring - no winter inbetween :-)