Thursday, November 4, 2010

A package full of awesome!

I came home from Washington DC this weekend (more on the sanity in another post) and found a really lovely package from Hobbygåsa in my mailbox. (I would also like to point out that I managed to get the little circle thingy over the A in her blog name. I am very impressed with my mad copy and past skillz. OMG, I am, like, TOTALLY self absorbed right now. Ok, maybe I shouldn't qualify that with "right now.")

Hobbygåsa is a knitting blogger from Norway, and she is an amazing knitter and photographer. Also crocheter. She sent me some yarn, for which I will love her forever and ever:

Pretty yarn... pretty...

It is so soft. And pretty. And soft. And TWO SKEINS, y'all. That's like 800 yards. Of soft and pretty! My karma must be rockin.

She also sent chocolate. Which is amazing. The one with hazelnuts (HAZELNUTS!!!!!!) is gone already. Aside from the awesomeness of eating the chocolate, the wrappers also provided Bruce and I (and Georgia to some extent, because her parents were acting nutty) with a couple of hours of entertainment as we attempted to translate them with absolutely no background in Norwegian (or Bokmal, if you will) and no dictionary. Heh. Also, Bruce was reading it with the accent of The Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show, which while not geographically or linguistically accurate, DEFINITELY added to the hilarity.

The one with hazelnuts (blue) is but an empty shell. I had to fish the wrapper out of the waste bin to photograph it.

Lastly, she sent Georgia a little Elk doll named Helga. Georgia looooooooooooves Helga. I think she was also quite pleased that Helga is wearing a knitted sweater dress. I also think that Georgia wants me to make her a matching knitted sweater dress. Not gonna happen kid. Especially as I haven't actually done any colorwork. Heh. I should probably remedy that. Just as I should probably actually knit a pair of socks one of these days. I really like the idea of handknitted socks. Just not the idea of actually hand knitting them.

Ain't she cute?

Also, there is, apparently, enough of a geek in me to be completely thrilled by the fact that there were awesome Norwegian stamps on the front of her package. I spent a while examining those. Why? Cuz stamps are cool!

No, really, stamps are cool. And is there anything better than seeing "Paravion" on a package? I think not.

Anyway, THANK YOU, Tone for sending me this lovely package. I am thrilled beyond words. Unexpected presents are awesome!


  1. What an awesome package! I LOVE hazelnut chocolate. Helga is very cute. And you really should give colorwork knitting a try (makes me sometimes want to weep, but it's worth it) And socks! Why haven't you? I like stamps too.

  2. Yarn, chocolate, cool stamps and a stuffed moose in a knitted dress.... That really Is a package full of awesome! Very cool :-)

  3. So happy you liked it all :-) And you really should try colorwork - it is fun and not at all so difficult as it seems. Btw it is the Norwegian king at the stamps, so now you know what he looks like :-) Too bad I missed the Sweedish shef :-)

  4. Norwegian: the language du allerede knø!

  5. Beautiful yarn! Adorable moose! And yes, you should try colorwork and socks. (Kid's socks go quickly, or use thicker yarn for slipper socks.)