Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still not up for much writing

Stupid chest cold.

So last night I had a major fail. I attempted tea dyeing this piece:

As it is way too neon. However, even though I was tea dyeing it for the second time - the first time didn't work, it came out looking exactly the same as it did when it went in.

I'm either going to have to find someone who likes those colors as is, or overdye the entire thing with some actual yarn dye. Sigh...

Other knitting

Terry's (Bruce's) Pullover is coming along swimmingly. I've got about an inch of stockinette stitch done on the main body. Only 12 more inches to go.

The Featherweight Cardigan is coming along quickly. I'll probably be starting on the collar band this weekend. ETA: Next week.


  1. Thanks for leting me know about the WWI vets, my husband did the same googling. & my husband grew up in the Bronx!

  2. Kingsbridge - sorry I can't reply to your comment/reply - you do not have your e-mail showing.

  3. The progress is delighfully tantalizing...