Thursday, November 19, 2009

Epic Knitting Fail

So I started in on the Herbivore and got about four inches into the first part of the project, and discovered that there is something terribly horribly wrong with my technique. Some of the stitches are all loose and nasty on one edge of the ribbing - similar to the problem that I was having with cables oh so long ago (and still haven't resolved to my satisfaction).

Also, the yarn overs (J, it's when you bring your yarn forward between the needles to create an extra stitch and a nice decorative hole. It's one of the ways to make holes in lace) along one edge are laying open nicely, and the yarn overs on the other edge I can barely see when I pull the stitches out as far as I can.

Which is odd, because I certainly wasn't having this issue at all with the Damson. Then again, the Damson body was garter stitch, and this is stockinette.

I am pretty damn sure that I'm doing my yarn overs between a knit and a purl stitch wrong.


I'll post some pictures of my screw ups tomorrow when there's better light.

More pictures

Here's some more of Ella's bounteous photo shoot.

This is the Firefly (unblocked) - another Morehouse Farms Original. Again, a super easy pattern, and despite the two skeins of lace weight yarn, knitted up in a few days (2 hours per day).


  1. I *love* that scarf!! :-)

    I'm not a knitter so can't offer any suggestions there though I'm afraid x

  2. Okay, so with the Herbivore, are the yarn overs done between different types of stitches? a YO between two knit stitches takes less yarn than one between a knit and a purl. So, if this is the case, they will never be identical. This issue came up for me in the Ishbel shawlette, so been there done that, gifted the shawl :)

    I hope you resolve your issue, even if it is coming to terms with the fact that knitting is an imperfect art at times!

  3. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog, so lovely to find yours! And I'm loving your knitting. Go you!