Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pictures (or, Bagheera's photo shoot)

Yesterday was way heavy. I'll write about it some more later on when I have a little distance from it, and maybe some more clarity.

Anyway, to keep the stuff light today, here are some of the results of Ella's photographic bonanza yesterday. She took so many awesome photos, I'm going to have to break it into a few posts.

Today's project is the Sizzler (a Morehouse Farms Original). Very very simple project. But I really dug the brightfreakingpink and it was superfast to knit up.

Here's the photographer herownself:

A couple of lovely shots of the project:

And Bagheera, demonstrating that black looks awesome with hot pink:

And the piece de resistance. This may be my favorite photo of Bagheera ever (although all of these are awesome):


  1. You know, that makes my cat look SO gay.


  2. That's SOOO cute! What a sleek, handsome cat. Tell him I think he's a stunner, and that he's got an admirer all the way from Australia!! I'm totally visiting him next time I'm in NY, lol :-)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Not quite finished my menu I need to put in more detail.

    I love the picture, a little like the face of one of my daughters with the coloring of the other eldest one.

  4. Cute scarf! Your cat is just like Ozzy too! Oz is a dark dark black. He only gets gray in midday sunlight because he's got individual white hairs mixed into his black (nervous nature not genetics I think). No purple or stripes sadly :(