Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maybe somebody brilliant...

Can give me a reasonable explanation as to why I would ever want to knit a sweater that isn't in the round.

I've knitted one in pieces. My very first. And even though I was an exceedingly new knitter, I could see 10,000 ways to improve the design of the sweater (and the ease of knitting the stupid thing) by knitting it in the round.

Here's a pic:

Sorry for the craptacular photo. That was pre-blocking (you can see the incredibly sexy way the eyelets at the top don't match up... AND I knitted those suckers in the round) and I just dumped it on the floor in my excitement at finishing my first sweater ever.

Anyway, I'm a little cranky at sweater patterns that aren't in the round.

The Multnomah

I'm still chugging away at the Multnomah, now for mah mudder. I've gotten up to the 10th row-repeat of the feather and fan border, however I've still got quite a bit of yarn left, so I'll probably add on at least one more row-repeat before binding off. I hate the idea of leaving that much yarn to languish in a drawer until I figure out what the hell I'm going to do with it 10 years down the line.

The knitting is going slowly. I realized that part of my hand pain might be due to the fact that the silly thing is ridiculously heavy right now, and I'm knitting it on the subway with nothing underneath it for support. So I stuck my coat on my lap to lift up, and that seemed to work fairly well.

The Featherweight

Is also chugging along. I'm about ready to break out the sleeves from the yoke. That will probably be within the next day or two, whenever I finish off the Multnomah.


So, amazingly enough, with the exception of the Multnomah, I've finished all of my Christmas shopping for my mother. Which has got to be a first, because usually she receives her Christmas package from me sometime around New Years. Which, yes, technically still is within the 12 day limit for Christmas, but most people in the US only celebrate it on the 25th. Which is a TOTAL rip-off in my opinion.

Now on to the rest of my list...

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