Sunday, October 24, 2010

Still in shock

I started and finished an entire object yesterday. Granted, it was a hat, and knit out of bulky yarn, but still.

I made an entire hat in one day. I'm still bragging about it to myself.

Shroom (rav link), by Lee Juvan on Knitty (not rav link)

Yarn: Mirasol Sulka (left over from my 103-1 sweater)

Needles: US 9 and 11

Mods: cast on 52 instead of 48 stitches, decreased to 51 when I started the puff rib. Also, added an inch of ribbing and an extra repeat of the puff rib. Made pattern mods to account for slightly smaller gauge of the yarn.

Georgia says this looks like a baker's hat. I kind of agree, however I love it and am not sure I ever want to take it off. It is rather warm, though.

Crappy photos courtesy of my computer's web cam.

Next up, I thinkI'm going to tackle Cherry Fizz (non-rav link) by Kate Gilbert. It's got an intimidatingly long set of instructions. However I have the perfect yarn (Alchemy Migration) in a pinky/purply color.

I also have the Offset Raglan (rav) on the needles and I'm getting close to finishing Ryan's cowl (rav). Only a couple more inches to go.


  1. Note, I am not as unhappy as I apparently look in these photos. Bruce pointed out that I look miserable. I'm not really. Just concentrating.

  2. Wow, you're fast! And the hat is beautiful!

  3. It is a beautiful hat, and it looks so good on you! That color is really the perfect color for you, I totally understand why you don't want to take it off.

  4. No no no, I think they are cute photos! That hat color looks great with your hair.

  5. love the hat - what a great project and one day!!
    whoot - and I can understand not wanting to take it off!

  6. Great hat! As for looking miserable when you concentrate, you're not alone: apparently I look angry when I knit because I'm focused.

  7. Gotta love a project that you can knit in one day! LOVE your hat...and the color is scrumptious (at least it's not white, then it'd really look like a baker's hat!)

  8. Love the hat! I think it looks great with your hair!

  9. That's a great color; it looks so cute on you! You are reminding me, I need to make a couple of hats.

  10. That is impressive! It's a very cute hat, though not for someone like me who gets hat-hair very easily.

    I have Cherry Fizz too. I love the look of the scarf, but those instructions scare me!

  11. Cool hat! Looks very oh-so V!!
    and damn just keep on losing weight! you look mah-va-las, dahlin!!

  12. Awesome hat! That's the best thing about small projects - instant gratification! =)