Friday, October 22, 2010

First Knitting Articles Published

I managed to get a few knitting articles from the site that I work for the other day, and lemme tell you, it was a fun experience writing them. They are nothing hugely special, just quickie 500 word pieces, but I'm pretty excited to be writing about knitting!

Here they are:

How Do You Stop the Sides From Curling When Knitting a Sweater?

How to Stop Your Knitting From Sliding Off the Needles

and a sewing article:

How to Sew Fabrics With Four-Way Stretch

Most of my articles up till now have been about travel, which I love writing about, but it got a little repetitive for a while there. I was writing a lot of "Hotels in..." type articles, which got a little dull. Hotels, no matter where they are, pretty much offer the same thing: bed and toilet.

I also wrote a couple of brief political bios for another site recently, which I'm pretty excited about. It was a really nice change of pace. Plus, I actually got to interview people for them. That's always fun.

Yay! I'm so excited to be writing again!

And no, I don't think I'll be doing a novel for NaNoWriMo. It's just not where my head is right now.


  1. Congratulations!!! It's wonderful to do something you love, and get paid for it too!

  2. Very good!!
    You is great!!

  3. Congratulations!!! Also... what do you mean you don't want to spend a whole month at the mercy of a 50k word count?? Thats just... sane.

  4. Congratulations Virginia!! After I have read some more post here, I will follow your links and read :-)

  5. Congratulations! It is just so rewarding to get published. I read all through the blocking article already, and I learned a lot!