Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finished Object: 103-1 and sundry other news.

Yeah baby, the name of this sweater is just hottttt:

103-1 Jacket in Eskimo or Silke-Alpaca with A-shape

Anyway, I finished this afternoon. I now have yet another buttonless cardigan.

I learned lots and lots of stuff on this sweater including seaming and the magic of mattress stitch. Also, I am using my Jedi mind tricks to make you all not notice the mess on the carpet.

As you can see, Beezer was extremely helpful with the knitting process:

Adding to the extreme cuteness, Beezer took up residence today in my knitting project bag:

We had a rainbow a week ago:

A crowd gathered to watch:

Heather and I had a Farmer's Market Swap and she sent me this:

Yes, to those of whom know me, I did actually manage to already send her a package back and she received it in a timely fashion and everything.

Heather also gave me an award, but that's going to be another post.

And back to the cute, Beezer stuffed himself into a small kleenex box:

and attacked it:

I have a lot more photos of Beezer attacking the kleenex box. I may upload them soon.

Anyway, more posts are forthcoming. I am feeling better, Georgia is feeling better. She got sick and we had to cancel her birthday party yesterday (poor kiddo).


  1. Horrible name, but great sweater! I wish I finished projects as fast as you do. I have so many sweaters in my queue! lol

    Kitten LOVE. I never get sick of their antics. =) Glad you're feeling better too!

  2. that kitty is so darn cute. love the crowd gathering to watch the rainbow.

  3. A cancelled birthday party? That's a tragedy for a kid. I hope she's feeling better.

    Aren't kittens the most adorable things? I love our cats, but I have to admit that I love kittens even more.

  4. Aw, poor Georgia! Send her my sympathies! When I turned 5 I had to cancel my party as well as I had chicken pox, and that memory still stays with me :)

    I LOVE the coat/cardigan, the colour is gorgeous and fits the pattern perfect. Can't wait o see what buttons you choose!

  5. Are you done with the jacket already, wow that was a fast knit. And it is SO lovely!
    Oh poor Georgia, tell her I send a virituell big hug all the way from Norway!
    That little Beezer is so cute :-) I can imagine you laugh a lot with this little fellow in house. I think that one day I need to get a kitten in my house too :-) I am not a cat person, but who can resist after seeing him :-)