Thursday, October 7, 2010

I didn't knit a stitch yesterday

And the only thing I read was a chapter of Bruce's book.

The disease factory has gone into full swing at Georgia's school, which of course means I'm picking everything up from her.

Anyway, I'm working on getting better. I also realized yesterday that I don't have any knitted hats. Which I should definitely rectify prior to Rhinebeck. But I suppose I should first finish my sweater.

I'm really really really excited about Rhinebeck.


  1. I'm really really envious of your going to Rhinebeck! I hope you get better soon!

  2. Oh and I awarded you an award. If that makes sense. I think it does. 'cuz you are awesome.

  3. yup, when children enter school, they get between 7 and 10 cold for the first few years.

    10 colds times 2 weeks (ok lets say 2 weekend and 1 work day week.. that is MONTHS of snifflie noses, and coughs and ...

    extra vitamins, and lots of sun shine (most virus can live in UV light, and there is enough for vitamin D and to kill viruses long into winter. if she doesn't feel up to doing much, bundle her up and let her sit outside and read to her.
    Its cheap, and there are almost no side effects--so try it! (lots of vitamin C too.. get those candy like lozenges and feed 1 per hour. they are 60 mg but small bodies cant absorb all the vitamin C in a big dose--and its just pee'd away.
    again, cheap, easy stuff. (warning bordering in TMI--too much vitamin C will result in soft greenish stool--a small side effect you should be aware of!)

  4. edit that is canNOT live in UV light..

  5. Ugh... rhinebeck! I'm so envious! Take lots of pics and remember to blog about it lots!

  6. Thanks for the info, OfTroy. Feels a little bit like we're living with one of those monkeys from Outbreak.

  7. hope you're better soon!
    I want the same colors as the one you showed on the blog!!! and have I told ya how much I love ya lately??!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh Rhinebeck, I am so envious too! Maybe one day... Sometimes it is good to not knit a stitch for a day, we need to do other things too :-) And you definitivly need a knitted hat for Rhinebeck!!

  9. Oh I forgot to say Hope you are feeling better soon!!